The Day I Went Home

The Day I Went Home is a collection of photos that emphasize the space, people, and feelings of our home in Sullivan County, NY. The space we exist in has a very rich history that took a turn for the worse well before we were born. So that is all it is to us now, history. In the present day the interest in our eyes lies within the remains of our former cultural centers, living spaces, and most importantly in the people we surround ourselves with. The dull, gloomy, rundown nature of our home is vibrantly colored by the remarkable people who reside here. This work exemplifies this stark contrast of the environment and the people who reside within it, giving the viewer an in depth perspective of Sullivan County. It also gives an opportunity for people from similar areas to have work to look to in relation to their own life and upbringing. The story of this area and these photos could be of any place from here to the other side of the country, allowing a great number of people the ability to view the work and find things that they can relate to themselves. This being the most important piece of this project, connectivity. Connectivity with locals of Sullivan County, and with individuals coming from similar backgrounds. Highlighting the highs and lows, as well as everyday life, and basking in the beauty and love we have for the place we call home. This is The Day I Went Home.

The Day I went Home Series
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